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Prestigious partnership with Institut Monte Rosa

Montreux International School (MIS), opening in September 2021, has partnered with the prestigious Institut Monte Rosa, one of the longest established boarding schools in Switzerland.

Located in a country renowned for outstanding boarding provision and business and hospitality education, the partnership strengthens the offering of both schools. MIS will share facilities with the Institut Monte Rosa, which is housed in the Château d’Arvel, a modernised 19th century mansion in Territet, offering day school and boarding provision for its students.

MIS will deliver an International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme (IBCP) in business and hospitality, in partnership with Swiss Education Group, as well as business and digital marketing, delivered through the BTEC programme. Students at Institut Monte Rosa will benefit from accessing its American High School programme of study as well as the innovative IBCP offered at MIS.

Peter Slade, Head of School at MIS, said: “Our alliances with world-class partners Institut Monte Rosa and Swiss Education Group align our school with the best in the education and industry sectors, enabling our students to access a truly unique learning environment.

“Our students will have the opportunity to step outside the walls of our beautiful host school, and to create and hone their skills within an industry context, so that they understand and are better equipped for adult life and for making a valuable contribution in their work. Our partner in hospitality, Swiss Education Group, will provide students with access to state-of-the-art facilities; an opportunity rarely available to students at school level.”

Alexandre Gademann, Managing Director at Institut Monte Rosa, commented: “The Education field is constantly evolving, and this new partnership creates a real opportunity to innovate with a unique curriculum dedicated to young adults (16-19 y. o.). With decades of know-how in offering a flexible framework for a personalized education, we simply take the best of both worlds and provide the chance for students to gain transferable and lifelong skills in a safe environment under the supervision of highly experienced professionals.”

Dr David Knuff, Ph.D. VP Academic Excellence and Innovation, Swiss Education Group, said of the partnership: “It is a great opportunity for us to partner with MIS to establish an innovative curriculum that promotes a holistic and clear view of the student journey. I am confident the students matriculating through the MIS IB programme will be positioned for success and I look forward to welcoming these students into a bachelor’s degree program at Swiss Education Group.”

Based in a prime location, Monte Rosa offers a highly individualised educational experience to both students and their parents. Since 1874, the school has been offering a wide range of academic programmes in both general subject areas and intensive language studies, taught by enthusiastic teaching experts in a family-like atmosphere conducive to learning.

Small classes and personalised instruction designed for optimum results, vital interaction between teachers and students, and principles based on genuine educational value: these are the ingredients that make up a climate in which school life is challenging and invigorating. On-going dialogue and the pleasure of accomplishment fashion the personality of students expected to address tomorrow's realities.


Over 140 years of evolution in the field of education

Built in 1874, the school was renamed ‘Institut Monte Rosa’ in the 1960’s. For more than a century, our international boarding school has built an excellent reputation through our constant endeavor to educate in an environment that empowers learning.

By 1964, Institut Monte Rosa had become a coeducational school. With the changing needs and demands of new generations, we continued to work in developing a high quality environment to maintain the highest teaching standards. Our aim is to provide our students with the tools they need to develop into well-educated and well-rounded individuals who are passionate about life and ready to contribute to the success of their families and nations.