Industry partner

Montreux International School and Institute of Hospitality

Montreux International School (MIS) is the first High School globally to be approved for membership to the Institute of Hospitality (IoH).

The IoH is the world’s leading professional body for hospitality professionals with a vision to inspire hospitality professionals to perform at their very best and earn the recognition they deserve. Its Education Membership Scheme offers the hospitality, leisure and tourism departments of universities and colleges, the opportunity for students and staff to benefit from access to specialist resources and networks. MIS is now the first school in the world to join this prestigious membership scheme.

Montreux International School and Swisspreneur

Montreux International School (MIS) has an industry partnership agreement with Swisspreneur, the non-profit on a mission to promote and advance entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

The team at Swisspreneur, including 11 business experts, with decades of experience between them, will support the development of pre-university educational programmes at MIS based around investment and entrepreneurship, forming the career-related study aspect of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Programme (CP). 

MIS will draw on Swisspreneur’s expertise in growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the team’s passion for instilling a more entrepreneurial mindset in young people. MIS students will have the opportunity to take part in masterclasses with Swisspreneur, as well as hearing keynotes delivered by the team.

As part of the new industry partnership, Swisspreneur is sponsoring five scholarship places at MIS for the upcoming academic year, for young people who have entrepreneurial flair and wish to pursue a career in Business & Hospitality, Business & Digital Marketing, Business & Creative Media Technology or complete a Junior MBA. 

Montreux International School and Tutorplus

Montreux International School (MIS) is proud to enter into a partnership with Tutorsplus. Continuously striving for perfection, MIS maintains and builds upon its current provision by seeking out the best possible partners in order to provide top quality teaching and a safeguarded home for their students to thrive in.

With Tutorplus as a partner, MIS may now ensure that any student will have access to extra support when needed. Tutorplus has a fantastic network of highly experienced and qualified teachers and tutors available at short notice. MIS is delighted to be able to partner with Tutorplus.