Higher Education partners

Montreux International School and Swiss Education Group

Montreux International School (MIS) is proud to be partnered with the world-renowned Swiss Education Group (SEG). Successful MIS students will be able to enjoy significant advanced standing on any of the Swiss Education Group Bachelor Degrees, accelerating their study progression and entering their careers at an earlier stage.



Our partner, Swiss Education Group, has had its five schools ranked in the top 10 worldwide by QS global university ranking 2021, a ranking largely dominated by Swiss hotel schools, re-iterating the excellence and reputation for this type of education in Switzerland. We are very excited about this announcement, as it only reinforces and solidifies the great opportunity for MIS graduates to progress from an IBCP High school education into top ranked higher education institutions. 

Montreux International School and EU Business School

MIS and EU Business School Montreux (EU) are delighted to announce that they have signed a partnership agreement. Through this agreement, EU becomes the official partner for business and digital marketing and will offer courses to students from MIS. EU will deliver courses in marketing management, advertising, media and branding to MIS students. MIS students who successfully complete these courses will automatically receive credits upon entering EU’s bachelor’s programmes on its Geneva, Montreux, Barcelona and Online campuses. In addition, MIS students who complete and receive their IBCP diploma will be eligible for preferred admission to EU’s bachelor’s programs.

Montreux International School and International University Alliance

Montreux International School (MIS) is proud to be a member institution of the International University Alliance (IUA). Sponsored by Shorelight, the IUA is a global network of premier higher education universities working together based on a shared commitment to excellence, opportunity and student success. The collaboration between MIS and the IUA will expand opportunities for all MIS students.














Montreux International School and Northwood University partnership