Studying in Switzerland

Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe, surrounded by France, Italy, Austria, Lichtenstein, and Germany. Its environment is multicultural, inspiring and safe. You can connect with most big cities in Europe in a few hours by train, plane or car.

In 2020, Switzerland was ranked the n°1 Best Country based on its attitude towards education, democracy, business, and quality of life for the fourth year in a row (US News) and n°4 in the "Top 10 Places In The World To Study Abroad" (

One of the best countries for international education

Switzerland holds a strong reputation for its education system. Some of the best universities and boarding schools are located in Switzerland. In addition, its hotel and business schools rank in the best positions in the world.

Discover the beauty of Switzerland

With Mediterranean temperatures in summer, people enjoy the many terraces, quaint cafés, live music and lake sports or the simple discovery of the natural scenic beauty. Switzerland enjoys a real seasonality and with the Winter thermometer dropping to below zero, the Swiss can often enjoy a beautiful white blanket of snow right down into the towns. The Christmas markets come to life offering warm wine, local delicacies and uniquely crafted gifts to go under the tree. The Montreux Christmas market is one of the largest and most renowned in Europe.

Switzerland’s mountains, valleys, lakes, and glaciers offer students year-round opportunities for outdoor activities, such as mountain biking, river rafting, sailing, water-skiing, golf, horseback riding, paragliding – the options are endless! With nearly 200 winter sports resorts across the country, there are also plenty of activities to keep you busy in the winter, such as skiing, tobogganing, skating, hockey, ice climbing, and mountaineering.

Switzerland offers an extensive range of sports activities but also has a world of cultural activities on offer. Globally renowned exhibitions such as the Geneva International Motor Show and musical events such as the Montreux Jazz Festival, take place throughout the year, animating the whole of the riviera lake shores.

Switzerland has four official languages (French, German, Italian, Romansh) and is a bustling hub for international businesses and innovation. The Swiss economy is one of the strongest in the world and offers a very safe environment for students to thrive in. 

The land of chocolate and cheese benefits from a brand of quality “Swiss Made” and has long shown its prowess in the watchmaking industry, nanotechnology, it’s fantastic train system and education in hospitality management. 

We look forward to helping you discover this beautiful country and providing you with an exquisite taste of Switzerland.