Technology in Class & Blended Opportunities 

At MIS, at times, some students have opted to take their classes at distance. There are elements of all our courses that can be studied flexibly. We harness technology and create a secure online ecosystem, as part of our blended learning approach, designed to enhance the student experience and support the development of essential knowledge and skills. Teachers, students and parents have anytime, anywhere access to digital learning content, performance data and communication tools. In these difficult times, we have setup the most flexible and comprehensive way of starting studies at MIS and students may for instance complete their first term online before joining the school for face to face learning. If you are interested in this option please see further details on our course pathways

In terms of blended learning, students take classes in real time joining the class as an online member, able to interact with both the teacher and the rest of the class. MIS uses a cutting-edge conference system to enhance the digital learning environment.