Access for all

Our approach ensures that the educational needs, and personal-social development, of all students are fulfilled, so that they are fully included in the school community. This involves students identified as Gifted and Talented, who benefit from an enhanced curriculum, as well as those assessed as having particular learning difficulties, including English language learners who require additional language assistance.

This is in line with the VIE Education philosophy that ensures students across the ability range possess the core of knowledge, skills and understanding to enable them to access the full curriculum and to enjoy life now and in the future as world citizens.

We recognise that, for many of our students, English is a second language and the obligation is on the school to give students every opportunity to reach the level of language required for success.

It is necessary to assess students’ proficiency in English before planning any additional support that might be required. Assessment of English proficiency begins in the assessment process before entry to the school, through the use of CAT4 profiling. The assessment data highlights those students who may show a low verbal score with a higher rating for non-verbal reasoning, indicating that language may be a barrier. At this point, the student would be referred to the English language learner lead for additional assessments using the British Picture Vocabulary Scale.

Students who require an English language access course will be provided with an intensive online immersion programme that can be accessed both at home and within the school. Additional support may be delivered within regular lessons for those with the greatest need to ensure they are accessing the curriculum. Extra Tutoring is not included in the fees, but MIS is happy to provide a network of contacts and specialists to best provide parents and students with solutions if needed.