Student information

Term dates

Term Duration Key Event
Term 1 September - December IB1 Induction & Initial Assessments
Winter Break
Term 2 January - March Work Placement 1
Spring Break
Term 3 April - July IB1 End of Year Exams & SEG Assessments
Summer Break
Term 4 September - December Work Placement 2
Winter Break
Term 5 January - March IB2 Mocks
Spring Break
Term 6 April - July Final IB Exams & SEG Assessments
Graduation Ceremony


MIS shares facilities with the prestigious Institut Monte Rosa, which is housed in the Château d’Arvel, a modernised 19th century mansion in Territet - Montreux which has a panoramic view overlooking Lake Geneva.

Our boarding students are accommodated in a beautiful and modern residential building called the Jumelles in double standard bedrooms in state-of-the-art facilities.

As many students are boarding and hail from all corners of the globe, it is important to create an environment where students feel they are in a “home, away from home”. Facilities include but are not limited to: ping pong tables, tennis court, football and basketball courts, indoor sports facilities, student cafés, social areas and much more.

MIS students have the privilege to access SEG school campuses on a weekly basis allowing for a wide variety of specialist teaching facilities and bespoke learning spaces, including two state-of-the-art teaching kitchens. All teaching rooms are fully e-enabled and actively promote collaborative learning through blended pedagogies. Incubation spaces feature on each of the teaching floors, providing students with ample space to think, challenge, share and collaborate, while the industrial kitchen promotes creativity and experimentation.

For local students there are day school and flexible boarding options.

Dining facilities are available for students and staff to use at MIS. Menus are carefully designed to ensure the quality and nutritional suitability.


Boarding students are accommodated in double standard bedrooms in state-of-the-art facilities. In some cases, MIS may be able to offer single rooms at an extra cost.

Food and health

Dining facilities are available for students and staff to use at MIS. Menus are carefully designed to ensure the quality and nutritional suitability.

  • Food will be provided seven days a week for boarding students – breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Day school students have the option for meals at extra cost 

Parents will be requested to identify known allergies and the teacher, tutor and school nurse all keep a record of these. The sharing of food will be discouraged, except in curriculum-based events and activities where it is appropriate.

Healthy living is central to the school curriculum and is promoted through the delivery of the hospitality course, assemblies and tutorials. The school celebrates a healthy living week and regular events are held to promote this throughout the school year.

Our school day

Day/Timing 10:00 - 12:00 13:00 - 15:00 15:30 - 17:30
Monday Personal & Professional Skills Business, Luxury Hospitality & Brand IB Subject 2
Tuesday Business, Luxury Hospitality & Brand IB Subject 3 (optional) IB Subject 1
Wednesday Business, Luxury Hospitality & Brand Business, Luxury Hospitality & Brand IB Subject 2
Thursday IB Subject 3 (optional) Language Development IB Subject 1
Friday Tutorial Business, Luxury Hospitality & Brand Language Development
Saturday   Tutorial / Activities / Excursions

Business attire

MIS students will be requested to bring their own business attire and will be provided with ties, scarves and a badge. Business attire should be sober in colour and design. White shirts and blouses are recommended.

Business attire helps students develop their sense of community, pride and provides an equal standing ground for all. This is also great preparation for their careers in hospitality where they will be obliged to wear a suit each day and be adequately groomed.


Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of our mission to provide students with opportunities to pursue individual interests and develop talents that help prepare them for life after school.

A full and rich programme of activities is available for students to participate in both during and after the school day.

Activities will include:

  • Student government
  • Charity committees
  • Debating group

Many of the extra-curricular activities are linked directly to the curriculum and are explicitly designed to enhance and extend the learning that occurs. Others are intended to serve as an opportunity to explore something new or to give those students who find the academic side of school life more challenging a chance to excel.

Student wellbeing

We believe that happy people enjoy learning, accomplish more and positively engage in their community. We aim to promote happiness amongst students and staff by encouraging them to develop their potential, build positive relationships, embrace physical activity and enjoy opportunities to contribute to society by developing nurturing environments that boost innovation among young people, and equip them with life skills.

The school environment is safe and supportive with personalised care, attention and guidance. Our House system provides the necessary structure and support across the school, and house activities and competitions ensure that the entire MIS community is involved in key events throughout the year.

Students also belong to small vertical tutor groups with a personal tutor to support and guide them. A full pastoral and welfare programme is delivered through the tutor groups, as well as appropriate career counselling and guidance. Students also have access to a mentor, with specific industry experience, who can guide students to better understand the industry and pathways before them.

The school actively promotes strong links with parents to ensure that at all times necessary key people are kept fully informed of any concerns the school or parents may have. The Form Tutor takes on this responsibility for social and welfare-related issues and teachers for subject-related matters.