Can we visit the school?

Yes, absolutely. We welcome any interested students and families to come and visit our delightful campus. This may be done at your convenience on a personal visit or during one of our official Open Day events. Please note, requests should be made a minimum of seven days ahead of time.

Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

Scholarships and other financial aid can be considered on a case to case basis. 

How big are your class sizes?

Typically, our class size ranges from 15-25 students. MIS does not accept more than 25 students per class in order to maintain the quality of teaching and individual attention.

Which universities can I attend?

MIS has several partnerships with prestigious higher education institutions, most notably in the fields of business and hospitality. It is always the decision of a university and their policies whether they accept a qualification or not. At MIS, we ensure our students have the option to attend a higher education institution that best suits their career aspirations.

What is the language of tuition?

The language of tuition is English.

What makes your offering unique?

MIS is an inclusive school offering an innovative International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme specialisation in business, luxury hospitality and brand. The curriculum has been created in collaboration between former Heads of the International Baccalaureate organisation and prestigious Swiss-based hospitality schools. The course is authentic, providing a genuine experience and a clear pathway for students into higher education. Due to the robustness and innovation of the course, it will allow MIS students to obtain up to one full year of advanced standing on any Swiss Education Group bachelor's degree, upon successful completion of the Career-related Programme.

Do you have provisions for students with special needs?

MIS gladly accepts students with special needs. However, in order to ensure that both the student experience and learning outcomes may be met, MIS reserves the right to make a full assessment of the student’s capacities in relation to the tasks needing to be learnt and in consequence provide a reply to the student request to join MIS.

Do you have WiFi on campus?

Yes, MIS has full WiFi coverage and security measures are in place for safe and efficient use of the networks.

Do you provide airport transfers?

Yes, MIS provides airport transfers at an extra cost. Details of arrivals should be provided at least two weeks ahead of time. Please kindly contact us for further details.

How do you communicate with parents?

Parents have access to our portal where they may consult their children’s progress at school. MIS is always open to communicating any information requested by parents concerning their children.

Further information on parent partnership can be found here.

Do you cater to specific dietary or religious culinary needs?

Upon request MIS caters to specific dietary needs. We reserve the right to charge an additional fee. Allergies and special dietary restrictions like gluten-free, vegetarian, lactose-free diets, etc. must be mentioned in the application form.

What about laundry and cleaning services for boarders?

We have a professional laundry service which launders boarders’ clothes once a week. We recommend that students bring their clothes fully labelled.

The boarding rooms are cleaned every weekday. Bed linen will be provided by MIS and changed once a week. Students are responsible for keeping their own room tidy.

What if my child needs medical care?

Swiss healthcare is outstanding with an extensive network of highly qualified doctors and hospitals and the best equipped medical facilities. The school’s doctor’s office is located one block away from our school.

Hospitals with paediatrics departments can be reached within 10-20 minutes’ drive, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Specialists such as dentists, eye doctors and psychologists are available in Montreux.

You still haven’t answered my question

Please write to us:

Mr Duncan Robertson

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