Our approach

MIS is a co-educational international school for students, aged 16-19, who wish to study either, business, luxury hospitality and brand or business and digital marketing. The school delivers a highly structured and blended approach, that harnesses technology and emphasises academic rigour alongside development of a wide range of high-level technical skills. The world-class qualification earned at MIS leads to exciting further and higher education opportunities and career pathways with internationally renowned university and business partners.

MIS promotes a balance of academic excellence and personal development, with rich, relevant, international and intercultural learning opportunities for each individual student, within an established, friendly and supportive environment.

The student experience at MIS is varied, diverse and engaging, and promotes enquiry and problem solving within interdisciplinary settings and longer learning blocks. Students learn through the application of skills and knowledge and are able to draw meaningful links between subject disciplines and the real world.

Centre of Excellence

At MIS we have created a unique Centre of Excellence for technical skills in business innovation, hospitality and digital marketing, ensuring that our teachers are equipped with the most up-to-date pedagogies and knowledge to promote outstanding student success.

We provide a stimulating 21st century learning environment for all students, which supports a blended approach to their studies and has the digital infrastructure to cope with the demands of 21st century teaching, learning and assessment.

We promote leadership qualities at all levels with every member of the school community exposed to leadership opportunities and experiences.

We place great value on the student's voice and ensure that they are central to shaping their learning experiences and pathways.

We strive to develop a global perspective and promote international understanding in all learning areas.