Ethos and values

Our educational ethos is expressed through four core values, which underpin every academic, practical, technical and extra-curricular activity offered at MIS.

Through these values, we encourage independent learning and empower MIS students to embrace responsibility, to celebrate diversity in a spirit of understanding and tolerance, and to become conscientious and active global citizens.

Our values

Courageous innovation – we think it is important for our community to challenge the norms…

  • No idea is too small or too large if it makes things better for our learners, our people and the world

Social impact – we think it is important for our community to make a positive contribution

  • Just as we set exceptional educational standards for our school, we also ensure that our campus is environmentally friendly
  • We contribute to our local communities so that we can build a sustainable planet to share

Future–focused – we think it is important for our community to focus on learning that is relevant both now and in the future

  • Leading our students by example, our staff never stop learning and striving for excellence in their specialisms and in leadership

Diversity – we think it is important for our community to create a more sustainable and tolerant world

  • We respect and celebrate diversity and recognise that many things unite us all
  • We build bridges of knowledge, push boundaries, unite young people and guide our students to live with honesty, confidence and integrity

Our vision

Lifeworthy learning

Our vision is to be the premier provider of a holistic business-based education, that leverages professional industry-ready qualifications, to ensure our students are both world-class and world-ready.

Our mission

MIS is a catalyst for inspiration and innovation in our students, staff, parents and wider community.

Reflective and resilient, our students embrace our core values, embody a desire and capacity for learning, and are genuinely internationally minded citizens capable of leading and influencing their communities.

We deliver outstanding teaching and learning experiences, continually raising aspirations and levels of attainment, and equipping our students with the skills, knowledge and personal capabilities necessary to make a positive difference in an ever-changing world.