About us

Welcome to our flag-ship new school, where we are dedicated to delivering a ground-breaking life-ready education, which combines internationally recognised qualifications with second-to-none hands-on industry experience, allowing students to pursue their passions through authentic industry-aligned pathways.

Young adults need so much more than academic qualifications to be successful and flourish in their future professional and personal lives. We believe it is our role to provide valuable life skills, alongside tailored industry-related study packages and academic qualifications, so that our students will be well prepared to succeed. Quite simply, our approach provides a fast track for students to worthwhile and fulfilling careers.

Students have the opportunity to step outside the walls of our beautiful host school, and to create and hone their skills within an industry context, so that they understand and are better equipped for adult life and for making a valuable contribution in their work. Our world-class partner in hospitality, the Swiss Education Group, provides students with access to state-of-the-art facilities; an opportunity rarely available to students at school level.

Our team of teachers and staff are appointed for their expertise and commitment to creating a thriving school environment that fosters creativity through the innovative learning experiences delivered by our blended curriculum.

Head of School
Peter Slade